Book club discussion questions

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Meanwhile, here are some discussion questions for Cairo Mon Amour:

How plausible is the espionage plot? Are the various threads satisfactorily tied up?

What does Pierre mean when he describes himself as ‘a man closed in on himself’? Do you think his relationship with Zouzou will thrive?

How well has the author managed to avoid ethnic and religious stereotyping? Do any of the characters come dangerously close to stereotypes?

What might have been the link between Derek and Lucy’s father, and what explanation might there be for Lucy’s father’s fate? Did the author explain this well enough?

How did you react to the Arabic words and sentences? Did they add a sense of authenticity or get in the way?

Does the relationship between Mark and Lucy have an authentic feel?

Did you empathise with Zlotnik’s moral dilemma? Was Lucy right to excuse his attack on her?

How politically neutral is the story?

How important is the Armenian thread to the story?

What did you think about the seventies settings in Cairo, Moscow and London? Would they convince somebody who had never experienced them first-hand?

Did you like the ending? What message was the writer trying to convey?

If you were to recommend Cairo Mon Amour to a friend, how would you sum it up?


Stuart Campbell's novel of love, betrayal and espionage

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